Visual Merchandising for Wyevale garden centres

As a Visual Merchandiser the Christmas season is the busiest time of the year because for many retailers its the most vital sales period. Retailers are always ahead of the game so Christmas set-up often begins as early as September. By the time December arrives our job is done so the festive period allows vital time to reflect on recent work, do your tax return (before January), prepare yourself for the festive period and plan for the year ahead.

I’ve had a hectic autumn working with a lovely team of creative freelancers at Tribe Creative London, for Wyevale, the UK’s largest garden centre chain. Here is a look at what we got up to as a team-

Between September and December there are often a couple of phases to Christmas, starting with a subtle launch and redressed later with a stronger Christmas theme closer to November.

Christmas decorations are a strong focus, we had a lot of fun dressing Christmas trees to inspire the shopper about how to co-ordinate and theme their tree. The decorations were displayed by theme in wooden huts to emulate the feel of a Christmas market. Traditional red and green was perhaps the most popular, there’s also Winter white, a more organic green and copper palette and a vintage theme.

Christmas gift wear, coordinated by colour & theme.


Christmas vintage inspired room set featuring stationery.
Christmas vintage inspired room set featuring stationery.


Kids department, front feature was toys.
Kids department, front feature was toys.


Display with lit LED tree.
Display with lit LED tree.


Meanwhile the shop floor becomes ready for Christmas. Giftware, food gifts and toys are made more prominent and Christmas lines are brought to the front of the store. All of this inspires the customer, making it easier to shop which in turn increases sales.

In essence, a Visual Merchandiser is a lot like being one of santa’s elves working away behind the scenes to make your Christmas special. So when you are doing your last minute Christmas shopping you might see it all in a different light and note the hard work that has gone in behind the scenes making Christmas such a colourful and exciting shopping experience.

Make the most of the last 3 days of christmas shopping!

Have a very Merry Christmas.


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