In June I told you about the indoor tree that I styled for The Pavilion, Bury, since then I have  I have been tasked with styling three other areas of the restaurant  to bring it to life and provide a unique Pavilion style experience.

The owner, Brent Miller, is passionate about getting The Pavilion on the map and making a name for it far and wide for its atmosphere and cuisine. The Pavilion experience is defined as relaxing, rewarding, and refreshingly unique.


All of The Pavilion’s produce is locally-sourced and delivered fresh each day. The fresh fish is displayed in a refrigerated counter, the space adjacent to this laid empty so it needed something to complement the fresh fish.


By thinking about accompaniments for fish and other fresh ingredients I created a market stall style display made up of vintage wooden crates, artificial fruit and vegetables. House wines were used to compliment the ingredients along with olive oils, and kitchen utensils. This is designed to inspire the diner and create a visual story around the fresh fish.

Cake display

One of the Pavilion’s unique selling points is it’s afternoon tea. The cake counter holds an array of glass cake stands, however when empty it lacked interest so something was needed to maintain its appeal at all times.


The existing cake stands were all of the same size and shape and felt very heavy. By sourcing lower stands it has created a bit more variation. A mix of vintage tea and coffee caddies were also used to add some colour to stand out against the glass background.

Wine area

The space above the kitchen servery laid empty and apart from an air conditioning unit, there wasn’t much there to focus on. As a main sightline from the entrance it was important to create some visual impact to entice diners into the dining area.


Located adjacent to the wine display area it made sense to utilise this area to display wine.

The crates can be repositioned and stock can be changed regularly to fit in with promotional events. All of the props can be reused and redressed for future events. The wooden crates provide a rustic and flexible method to display props and add visual interest.

Thinking about Christmas?

If you need help to plan your Christmas promotions or simply styling your space, get in touch – or by phone on 07815 979266.


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