During a recent business trip to Berlin, I had some time to do some window shopping. Whilst the UK high streets are painted red with sale signs and retailers struggle to maintain their usual standards of presentation, it was refreshing to see a more subtle approach to sale shopping in the cosmopolitan district of Mitte.

The colour red is traditionally associated with ‘Sale’ merchandise, it was a refreshing change to see that ‘Storia’ had used neutral tones of white and craft paper letters to highlight sale merchandise at the front of their store.

The windows in Spreeheidi looked pristine, if it wasn’t for a small red sign in the corner of the window indicating ‘sale’, I would not have realised there was a sale on. Inside the associated merchandise was indicated with just a simple orange thread.

Here, Sisley have used a mobile caravan to showcase their 50% off sale. It’s so tastefully executed that it’s only until you get closer and read the signs that you realise there is a hefty 50% reduction. It’s unusual execution gave the feel of an art installation, it was very effective in attracting the attention of the passer by.

The Cos sale also had a very curated feel about it. The quirky shop window featured a series of white metronomes and the words ‘Die uhr tickt. Greifen sie jetzt zu’ which translates as ‘The clock is ticking. Grab them now’. Inside all merchandise was beautifully presented, regardless of whether it was reduced or not. Sale items were identified with simple red letters.

It seems there is often a tendency for sale stock to be cheapened by the traditional overuse of red sale signage. This has shown that sometimes less is more and subtlety can work to entice shoppers in a less hectic and visually polluted environment.



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