I recently took a trip to Cologne, Germany, and spent a day window shopping (a few purchases were made as well!)

Amongst the German stalwart brands were some very familiar brands from the UK high street that have now developed European locations such as Clarks and C&A.

Theses were some of the window schemes that particularly caught my eye.

Hallhuber reminded me a bit of Zara, a high end retailer offering affordable fashion.

Galleria Kaufhof department store is quite a grand building in the pedestrian shopping area, very similar to House of Fraser or John Lewis in the UK. Out of its 10 or more shop windows I found these to best the most eye-catching.

It was a refreshing change to explore a new city. I found myself visiting shops I would never usually consider, purely because they were new to me. Maybe that’s why I ended up buying a few things!


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